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Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam-Thompson are the absolutely stunningly beautiful and talented designers who created the brand Belle & Bunty. For the bohemian, free spirited bride this fashionable and romantic collection was launched in 2010 after a hugely successful fashion line launched at London Fashion week in 2003.

Alice and Hannah designed their own wedding dresses and found a huge gap in the market for simple elegant fashion edge wedding gowns with a romantic vintage feel. The Bespoke Wardrobe have chosen the finest pieces from these collections for their rails and both Mary and Reggie have a real soft spot for these pretty dresses.

With a fashion forward approach ‘Belle & Bunty’ bring glamour to the bridal world with the unique, luxurious gown with a modern twist. Our brides who do not want the rigidity or structure of more traditional bridal gowns and simply fall in love with the lightness and effortless feel of these dresses. Not every bride wants to feel very formal on her wedding day it is important to be able to move freely, dance and eat during your day, feeling comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Searching for a romantic wedding dress – make an appointment today to try on the latest Belle and Bunty bridal collection.

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