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Eliza Jane Howell is a recent addition to The Bespoke Wardrobe; this sparkly collection compromises of slinky bias cut beaded dresses or floaty chiffon gowns adorned with jewels. I defy any bride not to want to try one of these gowns on, so unique and pretty!

These pieces are fantastic if you want a wow factor and a contemporary less structured dress for your wedding.  The collection is 1920’s and 1930’s inspired dresses that really flatter your body and will be admired by everyone. If you are looking for a beaded dress, look no further than the gorgeous Eliza Jane Howell collection.

Eliza Jane Howell is delighted to supply The Bespoke Wardrobe. “Not only is the shop itself fabulous, they carry a wonderful selection of designers and an amazing selection of accessories to provide the complete look from head to toe.”

“We know that buying a wedding dress can we a very stressful experience, but the minute I met Mary and Reggie I knew that they would make brides to be feel completely at ease. They will not put you under any pressure and their expertise and advise will help you not only to choose the dress that is right for you, but their own sense of taste, fashion and style puts The Bespoke Wardrobe in a league of its own.”

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