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Real Brides

Charlie and Nick

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harlie and Nick got married on January 21st 2017. The reception was in a village church near Charlie's parents and the reception after was at South Farm in Cambridge.

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Who proposed and how?

Nick proposed at home. I knew we were going out for dinner but didn’t think anything of it. We were about to leave and he said “all good dates start with a present” and handed me a box. I unwrapped it and inside was a beautiful cashmere scarf with my future initials on... but I didn’t get what the letters meant and turned to him and he had the ring box open. Several minutes of crying and “are you serious?!” followed before he had to check whether that was a “yes!”


What was your vision for your wedding?

Winter woodland! Walking our dog the February after getting engaged through fields and woods full of snowdrops was inspiration for the decoration but everything else was low key.


What was your wedding dress?

David Fielden. One of my bridesmaids picked it out - I would never have tried it in otherwise but she was right and it was perfect for me, I felt so comfortable all day and could walk and dance without worrying about tripping up or anything!


How was your experience with Bespoke Wardrobe?

So great. We came on a recommendation and weren’t disappointed. We travelled out of central London having been so disappointed by the lacklustre and impersonal approach of so many dress shops that I’d read about or seen on Instagram etc. The Bespoke Wardrobe was the perfect opposite, so welcoming and made us all feel excited and special.


What were you most memorable and favourite moments of the day?

The whole thing! Cop out answer. Walking into church with my dad and it being a complete blur. First dance - even though I barely remember it - again such a blur. The amazing excitement and love of all our friends and family is the overwhelming thing though.


Is their any advice you would give to future couples, in the buying dress process or in any aspect of the wedding experience?

Enjoy every second because life after wed-min comes soon enough! Dress buying wasn’t my most favourite thing until I found you guys so definitely have a plan of attack with lots of shops - go to one shop not hoping to like anything but maybe just try on ever general shape, then hone it from there and research shops likely to do the things you felt more comfortable in.

I was anti-photos and didn’t want to miss any of the wedding so we didn’t do the couple photo shoot - I slightly regret that now, although still not sure I would sacrifice wedding time to do the photos if I had the chance!

I’m not a make up person, but decided I would have my make up done for the day. I went to two trials and was nonplussed, but when I found the lady I went with I finally did see what people were talking about - I really did feel the best version of myself and could nearly imagine being a bride! So persevere because there will be someone out there who makes you feel happy and like you but with a little bridal extra!

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