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Real Brides

Janene and Steve

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Who proposed and how?

My Husband Steve proposed between Christmas and New Year (28th Dec) in a restaurant over dinner at our favourite hotel: Swan and Minster Mill.

What was your vision for your wedding?

Floral and pretty but yet classy!


What was your wedding dress?

Suzanne Neville Sanzio


How was your experience with Bespoke Wardrobe?

Amazing, the whole team are so friendly from start to finish, I love that there aren’t 100’s of dresses overloading the rails, it feels calm and classy in the shop itself. I had lots of alterations to my dress and it was all done amazingly. I am so glad I found Bespoke Wardrobe!


What were you most memorable and favourite moments of the day?

Saying our vows was the best moment of the day for me, a close second was seeing everyone on the dancefloor later in the evening!


Is their any advice you would give to future brides and couples, in the buying dress process or any aspect of the planning and day?

In the buying dress process, I would say don’t have any expectations and try on dresses recommended by the bridal stylist as they really do know what they are talking about. As for planning the day, there really is no point getting in a fluster about the small aspects of the day because when it comes down to it you really aren’t going to care if things aren’t exactly perfect! Try to remember that the most important part of the day is marrying the person you love! 

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