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In house tailoring

Our beautiful gowns are hand crafted individually per bride, they are not pre made overseas and altered to fit.  With this in mind we are able to make subtle or bigger design changes to each brides requirements.  During the process of choosing your gown, with our expertise we are able to establish the perfect details of your dress, for example to neckline shape, size of skirt and variations on design.  

We are very privileged to have an in house tailor who oversees every Bespoke Bride for each fitting. Debbie has worked with us for over ten years and has over thirty years experience working as a couture tailor.  

When you choose your gown it is not always necessary to take your measurements if your wedding is a good way off, for example a year or more away.  Your gown will be ordered with the designer and your dress making time allocated to the pattern cutter and seamstress, fabric will also be ordered. We would then be given a schedule from the designer of the required date of measurements, usually 5/6 moths before the wedding and a dress delivery date. We usually have dresses arrive 8 weeks before the wedding.  This process is perfect as it enables the gown to be cut as near as possible to the brides size.

Upon measurements it may be advised to have a calico fitting, this is a cotton version of the top half of the dress, this is usually done if we are fitting a dress with sleeves or varying the neckline as the pattern will need to be changed, this also gives you the perfect opportunity to visualise everything before the dress is cut in silk. This is the most exacting way to establish the perfect fit.

Your gown will arrive roughly 8 weeks before your wedding and it is then we begin the fitting process.

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